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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  March 9, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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and good afternoon? >> i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. well, you might call it a stickup. >> crafty criminals aren't using violence and fear to rob bank customers in the bay area. this new method just as effective. christin ayers with the details of this sticky scam. christin. >> reporter: sydnie the only weapon used in this crime is a glue gun or bottle. the thieves are using the glue to disable some of the keys on the atms. and once that customer leaves the card behind, to seek help inside the bank, the suspect strikes. it's an atm scam so brazen... >> oh, my god! >> reporter: ... so bold... >> that's frightening. >> reporter: ... and so new... >> thank you for telling me, i didn't even know this. >> reporter: ... that even san francisco police were surprised when it started happening around town. >> you know, it's just an innovation. we're a culture of innovators. >> reporter: the innovative crime has happened at least 22
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times at atms all over the city these past few months, a thief dumps glue on the enter, clear and cancel keys and waits for a bank customer to but in a card and punch the p.i.n. >> they presentser and it sticks. nothing happens. they press enter and it sticks, nothing happens. they press clear and nothing happens, they press cancel and nothing happens. panicked, customers leave the atm to get help inside the branch. when they leave, the thief makes his move using the touchscreen. >> at that point the suspect comes up and goes to the graphic interface here and presses withdraw cash. very quickly is able to get away. >> reporter: already, two people have been arrested in connection with this scam. but police believe there is a ring of thieves running this scam. >> shocking. i'll have to be more careful. >> reporter: police say what customers are forgetting is that even if the mechanical keys are stuck, they can always use the touchscreen to cancel the transaction and retrieve
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the card. >> oh, the touchscreen. oh, i see. i see. >> reporter: this person, a banker herself, never even thought of that. she says atm machines need signs warning customers about this scam and reminding them to use the touchscreen. >> i think now that the bank is aware of this situation, i think they definitely should take pro-active action just to protect the consumers. >> reporter: now, along with telling customers to go ahead and use the touchscreen instead of the keypad if you have any problems, police are also saying it's important for you to regularly check your bank statements for any withdrawals that you didn't make, sydnie. >> great advice. christin, thank you. christin ayers in san francisco. police in the south bay busting what they call a sophisticated scheme to steal credit card numbers from gas station customers. this time the scammers installed skimmers inside pumps in mountain view and los altos. the devices collected more than 3500 credit card numbers. officers arrested the two
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suspects, though, before they could get their hands on the credit card information. dozens of accused criminals just got get out of jail free cards because of alleged police misconduct in san francisco. this morning, district attorney george gascon announced he dropped a total of 57 cases, more than 40 just this morning alone. they are all linked to eight officers under investigation for allegedly raiding residential hotel rooms without warrants. the investigation stems from video of those raids released by the public defender. most of the dropped cases involved drug accusations. but some are from armed robbery and assault. don't fight prostitution, legalize it, at least that's what a retired veteran vallejo policeman recommends for the city. he said that at a council meeting last night after a task force talked about ways to crack down on the problem. among the ideas, advertise the identities of convicted offenders and target customers. those proposals will be
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discussed in depth this month. there is a manhunt right now for this man, take a look, a former pittsburg counselor who molested a 13-year-old girl and skipped town during his trial. that's tajinder bedi last seen 10 days ago. the "mercury news" reports his victim saw him at the courthouse and started sobbing and the next day, bedi had disappeared. but the jury convicted him. he faces more than 8 years in prison. a critical vote in oakland today. the school board will decide whether to send out a staggering number of pink slips to teachers and staff there. anne makovec is in oakland, where hundreds of jobs are on the line. it looks like like this time it could be for keeps huh? >> reporter: that's right. this is the time of year where school districts all over the state of california hand out pink slips in case their books don't balance and they have to lay teachers off. but this year is especially bad here in oakland. to put that in perspective, last year they handed out about 60 pink slips. this year over 500. >> i think you have a resource
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that is underappreciated. >> reporter: teachers, more than 500 staffers in the oakland unified school district, might get pink slipped after a decision by the school board tonight. >> it's very discouraging. it makes you want to give up after a while. >> reporter: doug has been a teacher for five years and he has been laid off four times. >> i have been pink slipped in cupertino and foster city, san mateo and then i was over in pacifica last year and then made my way to oakland here. >> reporter: where he and hundreds of others are being threatened with pink slips again. >> we really run out of measures to avoid having to issue a large number of layoffs. this is something that other cities having doing for years and finally our school district has to make this last resort. >> reporter: governor jerry brown has promised to maintain funding for k-12 education, but the state budget is far from solidified and no one knows what to expect. >> nobody wants to pass the buck to where it really belongs, which is poor choices in terms of district spending
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and poor choices in terms of finding the revenue at the state level. >> it's very hard to keep motivated to continue looking for a job in the bay area, especially with the atmosphere kind of attacking teachers recently. >> reporter: there are 1800 teachers total in the oakland unified school district. 500 layoffs including counselors, librarians, and teachers. it could be a significant portion of the teaching staff. >> and that one teacher laid off four times. okay, anne makovec, live in oakland, thank you. and in the mount diablo unified school district the school board could vote next week on drastic proposals to save money. possible cuts include shortening the school year by a week, cutting a million dollars from special education, and laying off 50 staff members there, as well. teachers' jobs, however, would be safe. someone is out to getman's best friend. how a dog hater is trying to
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kill pets at a popular south bay park. no more easy as for jocks at stanford. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. the sunshine trying to breakthrough. will it show up in the afternoon? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bruno. today marks the six-month anniversary of the deadly natural gas pipeline explosion in san bruno. eight people died, 38 homes destroyed. survivors will gather at 6:11 tonight, the exact time of the blast, to remember those lost. meantime, the san mateo county
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district attorney's office is now investigating seismic work that pg&e performed on that pipeline back in the '90s. at that time, portions of that pipe were replaced but not the section that ruptured. right now, investigators trying to figure out what sparked a tragic fire in rural pennsylvania overnight. seven children all under the age of 11 were killed when flames broke out in a family farmhouse. the children, mother was milking cows -- the children's mother was milking cows and the father was taking a nap in a milk truck when i happened. a 3-year-old girl survived. someone is trying to kill dogs in the silicon valley. police say boxes of rat poison were found at the las palmas dog park in sunnyvale on two separate occasions. the small green pellets were discovered out in the open at the park. a threat reading "all dogs must die" was scrawled in blue marker on the boxes that were found. no dogs have been hurt. park-goers say they are concerned about the safety of
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pets and kids. >> obviously, don't like it because i have two dogs of my own and children that are here at the park running around. >> city officials are warning people to be aware of their surroundings and to report any suspicious behavior. easy as at stanford? the secret class list and the select group of students who knew about it. plus, get rid of wrinkles without surgery or injections. the new technique that firms up skin au natural coming up. and we are trying to bring some spring sunshine into the bay area. could be the warmest of the week so far. we'll see that happen coming up. we say farewell discovery." ,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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mission accomplished. th the down in the end of a historic journey... and to the ship that has led the way time and time again, we say farewell, discovery. >> there you go. mission accomplished. the space shuttle discovery touched down for the final time this morning. discovery has flown more missions than any other orbiter. eventually it will be on display at the smithsonian. nasa has two more shuttle missions planned for this year. the final one is in june. so does your grandmother everring in a you about not calling enough? -- nag you about not calling
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enough? even for an astronaut it wasn't an excuse. last week one of them called his grandmother. the conversation was brief and grandma kept a little secret to herself. >> i worry about him so, and his father said don't tell him that because he's been wanting to do this ever since he was a little boy. >> well, this is the second time bo has called his grandmother from space. the first time was the night before thanksgiving. but the 93-year-old wasn't home to answer the phone call because she was too busy square dancing. >> she was busy partying. >> lifting weights. >> my kind of grandmother. >> lawrence, wasn't that a picture-perfect landing? >> beautiful! if only we can get a little of that sunshine around the bay area, folks. it's trying to break out right now. we still have some high clouds moving in overhead. you can see them moving by. but as we head toward the afternoon, the skies are going to part and we'll see a lot of sunshine. it's going to feel good. in towards san jose, we have some hazy sunshine there, a few high clouds drifting across
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those skies as well and we are going to try and bring you more sunshine and warm temperatures up as we head toward the afternoon hours. looking good, very spring-like outside as we're going to expect temperatures topping up into the 60s and 70s just a mix of sun and clouds. tonight, we will see some partly cloudy skies, likely to see some patchy fog redeveloping in some of the valleys. and also patchy fog inside the bay and at the coast. so tomorrow we are in for major changes though. so enjoy this day. it's a dry one. you can see this weak system kind of just falling apart as it makes its way towards the coast. it will continue to pull apart as high pressure strengthens. so we're left with some sunshine and a couple of clouds moving by. but it looks like things change as early as tomorrow as this next storm system drops down into the bay area bringing with it a chance of rain on thursday. and then some more unsettled weather toward the weekend. temperatures today, how about this? 70 in morgan hill. about 70 in milpitas, 69 fremont. 66 san mateo. east bay temperatures running up into the 60s.
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some low 70s, as well. should see plenty of sunshine by afternoon. toward the north bay temperatures running up into the 60s and also the 70s. could actually get to 70 degrees in the napa valley. about 65 in san anselmo and about 67 degrees in santa rosa. all right. let's check out the next few days. well, today is a nice one. by tomorrow, a chance of rain returns to the bay area especially late in the day. friday it looks like we'll catch a break, just some partly cloudy skies, but by the weekend the clouds roll back in a chance of showers late in the day come saturday. rain expected across the bay area come sunday. and chance of more showers come monday and tuesday. so you get the idea. enjoy this nice weather while we have t speaking of nice weather, this made for a great sunset shot. this comes from tom fletcher, this los altos hills at sunset. looking very good. we could very well see a sunset just like this tonight. so get those cameras out there and be prepared. of course, if you would like to send them in, send them to that's a look at weather, guys. back to you.
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>> i am loving that. lawrence, beautiful shot. thanks very much. being tied to a smart phone 24/7 may take a psychological toll. and it may effect women more than men. new studies show many women feel guilty about bringing a blackberry or other work home with them even if it doesn't interfere with family life. researchers found that women who were frequently contacted by coworkers or clients at home experience higher levels of psychological distress. men, on the other hand, less affected. and if you have a tough decision to make, especially one involving money, well, you may want to sleep on it. a new study finds that being sleep deprived can make people overly optimistic about their choices. people in the study performed a series of money-related tasks and those who didn't get enough sleep made riskier financial decisions than those with a full night sleep. >> what time did you get this up morning? >> a little too early-morning. [ laughter ] >> o:dark:30 i like to say. >> would you like younger smoother skin but don't want a face-lift? there's been a lot of buzz
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about a new treatment and there are no needles and no down time, either. >> dr. kim shows us how a device typically associated with pregnancy is now being used to zap away the signs of aging. >> reporter: donna summers wanted to perk up her sagging skin but without surgery. a doctor says she is a perfect candidate for ultherapy which uses ultrasounds, sound waves that create heat below the skin surface. >> we can see all of the tissues from the skin right down to the bones in the neck and then we pick exactly the level that we want to do the small thermal treatment. so i'll go ahead and apply it now. so there's that. you're creating a controlled very safe sort of thermal -- when i say treatment zone, you might say thermal injury zone. you're creating a little thermal injury, and the collagen is sort of like, oh, my goodness, what's this? >> reporter: the technique promises to trigger the body's natural collagen-building process. doctors say the effects are
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immediate. >> i can hardly feel it. >> remember, the treatment here, what's actually being effected, the skin as you can see is completely -- there is no redness, no nothing. the treatment is a good half inch under the skin. >> reporter: here are before and after pictures showing measurable tightening and lifting especially of what many know as turkey neck. the doctor points out ultherapy doesn't replace traditional cosmetic surgery but offers a nice option, no needles, noance threatsic and no down time. some patients have discomfort during the procedure and redness or soreness afterwards. other side effects are swelling, tingling and tender nevertheless around the treated area and if used improperly, the machine can cause burns. >> dr. kim says results last at least a year, sometimes longer and the cost between $1000 and 4,000 depending on how much treatment you need. this news could certainly give some student athletes at stanford i guess some worry
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like. the university is dropping a secret there's it passes to all jocks to help them select classes. it's been widely regarded as an easy a class list. among the courses, get this, beginning improvising, and social dance. stanford claims that that list was designed to accommodate demanding sports schedules. >> okay. well, even the 911 operator was a little bit surprised. why a burglar and home owner called the comes on each other at the same time. and if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline, 1-888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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owner came home... >> you broke into a house?? >> yeah. >> i'm sorry? [ laughter ] >> the intruder locked himself in the bathroom of the portland, oregon home and he stayed in until the police arrived. he said he didn't want to get hurt and he was worried that that home owner had a gun. >> he is not a mensah candidate. >> not really sure there. >> try something else there, pal. that's it for the cbs 5 news at noon. don't forget, eyewitness news is always on caption colorado ,,
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